20 July 2019

Moon Landing Day was celebrated on 20th July, 2019 to commemorate 50 years on man's first landing on the moon. At Holy Cross High School, Bastora, students were made aware of the first successful expedition to the moon during a special morning assembly. A group of twenty students from standards V to X were taken to the Goa Science Centre to attend a lecture on "Moon Landing Day". They were accompanied by the Science teacher, Mr. Jeffrey D'Souza and B.Ed trainees. A presentation was made by a member of the ‘Friends of Astronomy’ on the missions to the moon. They also conducted a quiz based on Astronomy and gave prizes to those students who answered correctly. A few clips of the Apollo 11 mission were also shown to the students.

Watching Apollo 11 Mission 10 aug 1
Science Centre 10 aug 1 3