12 July 2019

On the 12th of July, the students of Class X , of Holy Cross High School , Bastora, visited the field belonging to the MSFS in Bastora , which is right next to their Minor Seminary. Father Robert and other members were there to welcome them and to guide them. Before the students reached the field Father Robert and his fellow students had kept the soil ready by tilling it. The field was full of muddy water. The girls started first and the boys followed later. They were handed out bunches of half grown paddy and they were shown how to transplant it.They started planting them in rows in the soil by leaving some gaps in between. They had learnt the process of transplanting paddy. It was truly an enriching experience for them.They realised that neither is a farmer’s job easy nor is growing crops. They learnt an important lesson of not wasting food as it is the hard work of many hands. While returning they were all drenched, not in water or mud, but drenched with knowledge and experience that many of them had not experienced before . A big thanks to Sr. Wendy,Sir Alfonso, and teacher Perpetua for accompanying them and also to Sr.Wendy for providing them with this wonderful opportunity.

Hands on Experience 10 aug
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MSFS Farm Img 20190712 wa0040