03 September 2017

The YSM students of Std. VIII – X accompanied by Sr. Wendy Sequeira, Mrs. Ninette D’Souza, Mrs. Virginia Lobo and Mrs. Perpetua Bocarro went for the 111th Trek of Eco Treks Goa to visit the plantation at Sulcorna. Prof. Rajan Shelke explained how they induce pollination to take place in coconut trees on the farm to give better and faster yield. Products of coconut - desssicated coconut, oil, toddy, jaggrey, etc. displayed on the table.Prof. R. Shelke then gave some information about the apiary. The bees are allowed to make their hives in the boxes and honey is collected when it is ready.Boys and girls attempting to climb the coconut tree using the device that is used for coconut tree climbing. The students were then taken around the farm. They saw the cows which were being reared there in a cowshed. The agricultural shredder machine kept on the farm to separate the coir.Students saw the different vegetables grown and the paddy fields.Students then had a dip in the river Kushavati and returned home by 6.30 pm.

Watch the Vegetables Grow 20170903 151028
Coconut Tree Climbing 20170903 121614
Students operating Choir Shredder Machine 20170903 145928