Independence day celebration

15 August 2017

Students gathered in excitement on the assembly ground at 8.15 a.m. to celebrate 71 years of Independence of our beloved motherland, India. With the School Band in attendance, the Headmistress, Sr. Bromadine Palokaran and P.E. teacher, Mr. Seby D’costa escorted the Chief Guest – Dr. Dattaram Gawas, an ex-student of the school to unfurled the Tricolor. e students respectfully saluted the tricolor and sang the National Anthem with pride. They then shouted slogans like ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’. Mr. Seby D’Costa introduced the Chief Guest to the gathering. Mrs. Deepa Govekar presented Dr. Dattaram Gawas with a potted plant.Students of Std. IX led the students in praying for peace, unity and protection. The theme of the Prayer Service was ‘Jesus and Mary – The Light to Freedom’.History came alive, as the students of Std. V and K.G. marched in,dressed as Great Leaders of the Past.Ms. Fiza Bapu from Std. VIII A gave a speech on ‘The struggle of India for Freedom’.Awakening feelings of love for the country, students of Std.VII A & B gloriously sang patriotic songs.The students of Std. IV danced the praises & glory of India . The students of Std. VIII of Theatre Art Group presented a skit to show that people should live in peace and harmony to make this place on earth a beautiful place to live in. Students of the Dance Group reflected the richness of India’s culture through dance. The Chief Guest addressed the gathering. He advised students not to waste their time, but to do best in whatever they chose to do and encouraged them to grab whatever opportunities came their way.Sr. Bromadine Palokaran then thanked the Chief Guest for making time to be present for the function. She told students that Dr. Dattaram Gawas was a role model that they should look up to as he was not only a good sportsperson but also excelled in his studies too when he studied in this school. Mrs. Ninette De Souza then gave the Vote of Thanks. She thanked the students for being a good audience throughout the programme. She also thanked the participants for their excellent performance on stage and the teachers for training them.The programme ended with everyone singing the School Anthem. The catholic students then proceeded to the school Chapel. An Eucharistic Celebration was followed after the Independence Day Programme in the Chapel, in commemoration of the feast of ‘The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Into Heaven’. The main celebrant was Fr. Ronald D’Souza. Through his inspiring homily, Fr. Ronald D’Souza unfolded the significance of Mother Mary in the catholic church. He invited the congregation to reflect on God’s great plan and their own assumption.

Chief Guest – Dr. Dattaram Gawas, an ex-student of the school to hoist the Tricolor Img 20170815 wa0032
Making history come alive, students of S K.G. dressed as Great Leaders of the Past Img 20170815 wa0042
Awakening feelings of love for the country Img 20170815 wa0088
Dancing the praises & glory of India are students of Std. IV. Img 20170815 wa0085
Views of Independent India today by Master Joshua D’Cruz of Std. IV. Img 20170815 wa0073
Eucharistic Celebration Img 20170815 wa0082