24 July 2017

High School students including two students from the Resource Room along with teachers Mrs. Perpetua Bocarro, Mrs.Goretti Lobo and Ms. Ciona Fernandes visited the Mae De Deus Home for the Aged Women and St. Joseph Aged Home for men on the 24 July 2017. This visit was done to commemorate the Feast of Joaquim and St Anne, grandparents of Jesus, which is celebrated on 26 July every year. The students were welcomed by Sr. Annette, and Ms. Shania Menezes presented her with a flower. A beautiful programme was put up by the students which included a short Prayer Service, skit, dance and song. Some of the ladies sang along with the children with their beautiful voices. Handmade Cards and flowers were then presented to each lady. A collection of grocery items and other things were contributed by students of Std V to X. Sr. Adelaide ended this program with a prayer and thanked the students, teachers and the Headmistress for their thoughtfulness and sharing. The same programme was then done at the Home for the Aged Men who greatly appreciated the children’s efforts.

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