Celebration of Vanamahotsav

06 July 2017

03 – 07 – 2017 to 06 – 07 - 2017 To celebrate Vanamahotsav and inculcate a love for nature the following activities were conducted: Students of Std IX A & B brought 5 medicinal potted plants each and displayed them in the verandah near their classroom. Medicinal plants such as tulsi, neem, aloe vera, tumeric, curry leaves were brought by students of Std IX A. Lemon grass, Mint, tulsi, ginger, Canscora and Ashwagandha were brought by the students of Std IX B. Students of Std X A & B highlighted through posters the importance & uses of the different medicinal plants which were displayed by Std. IX A & B. A Quiz was then conducted by students of Std. X for the students of the school based on the information supplied by them. A Poster Competition was held for students of Std VII A&B based on the theme ‘Protect Nature’. Std VII B was adjudged the winner by Ms. Christa Cardoso and Mr. Tyrone Souza. A Slogan Competition was conducted for students of Std VI A & B. The theme was ‘Protect Nature’. Std VI A was adjudged the winners by Ms. Christa Cardoso and Mr. Tyrone Souza. A chart on fruits and flowers was prepared and displayed on the Notice Board by the students of Std. V A &B respectively. A house wise Quiz based on ‘Our Environment’ was conducted for students of Std. VIII A&B by Mrs. Perpetua Bocarro and Mr. Dayanand Joshi. Four students represented each of the houses from both classes. Yellow House was adjudged the winners.

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