Installation Ceremony

29 June 2017

The Student Council was installed Students from Std. V to X gathered in the school hall to witness the solemn Investiture Ceremony of the School Cabinet for the year 2017 – 2018. The theme chosen for the programme was ‘Grow and Glow’. A short Prayer Service invoking God’s Blessings upon the chosen leaders was conducted by the students of Std. VIII. A short video was shown highlighting the qualities of a leader – Honesty, Courage, Discipline and Confidence. In the presence of the Head mistress Sr. Bromadine Palokaran, the Leader & Asst. Leader - Master Mauris Dhupdale & Miss Ansila Rodrigues took their oath. The Leader Master Mauris Dhupdale then requested the Headmistress to confer on the Council the honour of leadership. The Ministers came forward to take their oath. Cleanliness Ministers: Ms. Soniya Patil Ms. Riya Naik Information Ministers: Ms. Mikayle Pinto Ms. Tanvi Naik Sports Ministers: Master Godsun Rodrigues Ms. Elika D’Souza Discipline Ministers: Master Tharun Kola & Ms. Saloni Patil Cultural Ministers: Ms Cazel Nogueira Master Ransley Sequeira YSM Co-ordinator: Ms Heloise De Souza Primary School Co-ordinator: Ms. Sujata Kumbhar The four House Captains then took their oath to be good leaders & a perfect role model to students, ready to shoulder all responsibilities wholeheartedly. Red House – Ms. Esther Vales Blue House – Master Caleb D’Mello Green House – Master Samson Surin Yellow House – Ms. Siddhi Shettigar The Headmistress then conferred badges on the Cabinet members. The program ended with the students singing the School Anthem.

School Ministers take the Oath Dsc 1667
School House Captains Dsc 1676
School Leader Dsc 1665
Leaders promise to Grow And Glow Dsc 1757
Headmistress with School Cabinet Dsc 1746